24 July - 23 August

Be careful, you may be stabbed in the back by someone you trust. With the Sun returning to your sign of Leo you are very confident but may also overlook basic elements of social interaction. When speaking with others at this time it is essential that you read between the lines to understand who the culprit is. You are genuinely concerned for others and want to do something of a charitable nature. This is a creative activity and should be pursued. Some financial matter that you thought was going pear-shaped will now conclude and this will give you time to rest and relax. If you're feeling inhibited, frustrated or mad, you need to kick-start your sex life. If you are married, talk about this with your partner. If you're single, use the power of your mind to attract a sensitive lover.


24 August - 23 September

The deeply committed to the work you do now but you can still have fun and achieve great results. Don’t let Saturn bring you down with its overly somber tones. Why not celebrate something, either for yourself, a friend or family member? There could be a marriage or engagement announced shortly. Don’t be sidetracked by someone else’s opinions today because you do have your own thoughts on the matter and need to stick to them. Use your creative visualisation today. You may be feeling that something you were wishing for may be impossible, but it isn't. Plan your life, then live your plan. Important telephone calls are required to solidify your position in the group. You must cast aside the notion that your self-interest is selfishness. Rather, it can also benefit others as well.


24 September - 23 October

Being separated from your peer group or the one you love is not a bad thing. With the Moon transiting your ninth house you may even decide take journey to get away from it all. This will most certainly give you the opportunity to gain some perspective. Paying attention to your typing today could save you a lot of worry and bother. Once you have sent an email, it is impossible to take it back. Write your thoughts down and hold onto them until your mind is much calmer. This could be a day when you find a pleasant resolution over a difficult emotional issue. The result will be wonderful, as if a load were being lifted from your shoulders. If there is some gossip surrounding your activities at present, you need to stand well and truly apart or you could get sucked into the ongoing drama. Pay no attention to what you hear on the grapevine.


24 October - 22 November

Be more diligent in your service to others and it will pay dividends. Don't cut corners and go the extra mile in providing your service to others. You could discover something about what you’re doing which is causing you to bleed financially. With the Moon in your eighth house today and the aspect of one of your ruling planets, Mars on it, you energetic about fixing money matters. But, you need to show your compassion today as well, by helping others who are disadvantaged. You will feel a sense of satisfaction if you act as a catalyst for good. If you're in a business relationship you may have to decide whether your partner has the same goal as you, otherwise you could get distracted and start to wonder whether 'the grass is greener on the other side'. Spend time with your favourite people as you may be introduced to some wacky characters just now. You can expect to balance the bizarre with the conservative. This is a day of mixed experiences.


23 November - 22 December

It’s time to throw out things that are dated, especially if you know they will have no value in the future. Continue aspect of Mars in your 12th house gives you the drive to remove clutter from your life. Make space. You may be thinking of separating your wealth from the usual ties you have. Creating an independent stream of income and savings plan is important now. Mercury will increase your business turnover and trigger ideas for generating cash. You may be discouraged to learn that someone you trust doesn't support some of these ideas. Don't let your heart rule your head in matters of romance. Be balanced in your approach today, and don't be afraid to ask the hard questions.


23 December - 20 January

You need to embellish the truth if you want to spend more money from the family kitty. You may also need to sweeten the news by buying a small gift for those who are trying to wrest control from you. New connections are going to be made through family interactions. Social affairs on the domestic front prosper this could be through the introduction of someone within your family is shown by the transit of Mars in your 11th house, in aspect from the Moon. Emotional manipulation may be an unpleasant issue you need to deal with in a relationship. If this is the case, you may opt to walk away rather than go head-to-head. The universal energies and abundances are unlimited. You must reach out and grab them if you feel you are deserving. The world will respond in the same way that are seeing things at present.


21 January - 19 February

Your energies are bold and even a little abrasive and with just a few days left of Mars transiting your 10th house of career this is the area that you can make great inroads. Things will move fast today because of the difficult aspect between the Moon and Mars. There is no need to rush. You have a lot of emotional energy today, but you don’t know where to put it. Being creative is an excellent way to redirect this power into positive channels. Don't allow peer pressure to dictate your decisions today. You may want to be accepted and could do things that go against your moral grain. You are reminiscing about the past and starting to see the truth in a different light. Some of these insights can be useful in your current situation.


20 February - 20 March

You are prepared to think outside the square now and this will help you see things in a completely different light. Use the powerful energies of Mercury in your sixth house to get things done on the work front. Don't be afraid of progressing beyond your peers If you have a dream, then you should by all means keep it real, otherwise you are setting yourself up for a disappointment. Know your limitations, and, if you feel you are incapable of achieving something, plan the way to overcome this. You can now put your best foot forward professionally. Work and social status are on the up and up. Enjoy the benefits of success during this cycle. You have your finger on the pulse today and can connect with the public at large. In matters of business, this will be fortunate.


21 March - 20 April

Saturn receives a difficult aspect of the Moon today. This occurs from your third and ninth houses which relate to your mind and principles. You have to face your responsibilities fairly and squarely. Don’t listen to advice that may ruin you. Trust your instincts and disregard lip service. Advertisers, telephone canvassers and other people who want to sell you things may get on your nerves. You need to implement a strategy. Unless you try something, you're never going to know. Even if the outcome is not favourable, at least you can say you gave it a shot and put it down to experience. You'll be feeling withdrawn today, but this gives you a chance to truly 'inhabit' your purpose and believe in it totally. Convincing others means convincing yourself first.


21 April - 21 May

Your focus is on financial matters again, and you can concentrate your feelings in a very powerful way today to achieve success as the Moon and Saturn influence the way you earn money. If you make others feel good, the returns will be evident. You may invite trouble in your family circle by not agreeing with a ‘good’ idea. Recovering some enthusiastic energy today is something you'll welcome and put to good use. Keep your eyes open for an opportunity that you've had your heart set upon for quite a long time now. You can elect to hear or not hear what is being said right now. Selective deafness is sometimes the best way to deal with annoying people.


22 May - 21 June

Your interests in beauty, culture and the arts are strong but you may be perhaps a little too serious with the Moon and Saturn influencing your Sun sign today. You need to find someone who shares your desire for these more refined activities. A may incur a loss through your own extravagance and carelessness. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t harp on it. This is a time when your physical vitality may not be very high, so take a moderate approach to work and exercise. You should be the first to strike up a conversation as you will have the upper hand. You are idealistic about someone today, but they may not live up to your expectations.


22 June - 23 July

Your life may become hum drum unless you dig deeper and find meaning in the little things you do. Transform everything you do into a divine action and you can do this in a meaningful way with the Moon transiting your 12th house and receiving the aspect of Saturn today. You can’t claim financial ignorance simply because you have cut corners and been sloppy in your bookkeeping. Once again, this is a reminder to take full responsibility for your finances and cut back your expenses. You have to set a perfect example to your children and perhaps even to adults It may be easy to lash out and lose control of a situation, but by maintaining a dominant position you will send out the right signals to all concerned. Don't play the martyr today or do things that are out of your depth. Stick to what you know.

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