Beer is good for the environment.

Video Published: 17 Feb 2016

A charity beer takes responsible drinking to a new level.

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World's longest 'beer snake'

Video Published: 23 Jan 2013

A wash-out provided cricket fans at the SCG with the chance to create the world's longest beer snake from plastic cups.

Beer, Cricket, Julian Morrow, Scg, World Record

Beer goes gluten-free, and still tastes like beer

Story Published: 5 Mar 2016

WHEN I was at school (many years ago), I don’t remember any of my fellow pupils being particularly allergic to anything.

Alcohol, Allergies, Beer, Gluten-Free, Review

Beer with that? McDonald's serves alcohol in South Korea

Story Published: 17 Feb 2016

THE Golden Arches is getting on the beer and burger bandwagon, announcing it will begin selling alcohol. The catch? You'll...

Alcohol, Beer, Editors Picks, Food, Mcdonald'S, South Korea

Stabbed man is now in jail for drinking beer

Story Published: 20 Jan 2016

A MIRIAM Vale man is in jail after he contravened a Domestic Violence Order and also a court ban by entering a hotel to buy...

Beer, Editors Picks, Gladstone, Jail, Lover, Stabbed

Bargara Brewing pours scorn on foreign-owned beers

Story Published: 25 Feb 2016

BEER is a $4 billion industry in Australia, but most of the profits flow overseas. Bargara Brewing owner Jack Milbank says...

Alcohol, Bargara Brewing Company, Beer, Business, Economy

Drink the beers the ANZACs drank

Story Published: 9 Jul 2016

Ever wondered what beer they drank during WWI? - now you can try it.

Anzacs, Beer, Wells And Young Brewing

My Shout: A wink to a veteran in the craft beer market

Story Published: 26 Jun 2016

You don’t buy IPAs if you are not into big hops, but this one manages to deliver that but without completely overpowering...

Ballast Point, Beer, Big Eye Ipa, Indian Pale Ale, My Shout With Simon Irwin, Weekend Magazine

RECALL: Glass found in bottles of Carlton Dry

Story Published: 4 Dec 2015

A NATIONAL recall of Carlton Dry beer is being undertaken.

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Beer review: Blue Moon Belgian White

Story Published: 19 Mar 2016

LAST time we were discussing the rise of gluten-free beer made from non-traditional grains like millet and rice.

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