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We use the original The Leaf Man Gutter Guard.

An Australian innovation.

Whether you’re in the bush or Aussie suburbia, you will have to contend with leaf debris, bird life, possums, vermin and in some areas, the threat of bushfire. Gutter guard, also known as gutter mesh or leaf guard, is the perfect solution to these problems. Available in a range of profiles and colours to match any roof style and colour palette. We can make to measure for those difficult situations too!

Why Choose Leaves Aren’t us for your Gutter Guard?

  • Manufactured with Australian made Bluescope Steel

  • Powder coated to match any colour

  • Can be installed on any roof style

  • Longer life for gutters and roof timbers

  • Will not sag or pit

  • Requires no saddles or brackets in the installation

  • Zero flammability rating

  • 25 Year Performance Warranty

Fire and Ember Protection

Protecting your gutter from leaves and debris prevents it from becoming fuel that could contribute to the flammability of your home. The metal gutter mesh has a 0 (zero) fire rating from the CSIRO for flammability and ignitability.

Leaf and Debris Protection

Gutter guard keeps your gutters clear from leaves and organic matter and prevents your gutters from corrosion, downpipes from blocking, water feeding back into your ceiling and your fascias and roof from rotting.

Cleaner Water Collection

With our gutter guard installed, not just your gutters are clear, but the water flowing into your water tanks is kept clean and clear of debris.

Bird, possum and vermin protection

The gutter guard is fastened to the gutter and under the roof tiles or finished with a silicon edge for corrugated roofs preventing access to the roof cavity.


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