20 February - 20 March

This cycle gives the outward impression of a bit of a steamroller which once begun takes no prisoners at all. Irresistible charm mixed with dogged determination is the combination that will see you through and make the most of it. Concrete solutions are preferred right off the bat and depth of meaning counts. At the moment, you are highly receptive to the world around you. This is a great time to absorb new experiences and develop an appreciation for life regardless of your position in it. You're passionately fired up to put that into action. With the Moon transiting your second house you're concerned about unstable financial matters.


21 March - 20 April

Making yourself clear about what actions you intend to take before taking them is important so that you don't blindside others and waste your own efforts for lack of general coordination. Don't assume others understand you or where you are going. Like at a stop sign make clear signals before turning or proceeding on. You may need to make some frequent visits on behalf of a problem or circumstance that needs continual work. Don't shirk your responsibilities today. As well, your direct approach may be successful at getting your way but others may see you as a little pushy and this can actually make things more difficult in the long run.


21 April - 21 May

Success month-long may be measured more in regular steps than great leaps as regular methods and channels will work quite well enough without having to push beyond them though that might not always have been the case. And when things don't work out the way you imagined you're more likely to see the bright side of it and make the best of the situation. This is a period in which hard work accomplishments dedication or helpfulness will be genuinely noticed and appreciated by others. If you've managed to be focused and motivated lately promotions or accolades are on the cards. Feelings of approval will boost your confidence.


22 May - 21 June

Easy dialogues and conferences are very much the way to go with lots of giving and take secure in mutual goals and the ability for all to reach them in harmony. Friendliness is more important than getting everything right the first time and others will iron out your mistakes and vice-versa if you don't try to hide them but move with the common task. A new unanticipated door is about to open for you. This can be as simple as new opportunities concerning your work or business affairs or as profound as an entirely new way of thinking and approaching life. A social event may be caught up by others upon whom you are relying.


22 June - 23 July

You can be everybody's dream including your own and if you take care to pursue them love and success await you this month. Mainly that's because you inspire belief and faith and that's what people want to buy. That seems like a dream world but that's just what it can be at its worst if you don't seize the moment and take advantage to the max. Your mental faculties are finely tuned but you will be applying that to understanding your past history and mistakes more clearly. A psychological sort of day. It is profitable to travel with the one you love to deepen you're on one relationship. This is a day of intimacy for you.


24 July - 23 August

If you encounter persistent resistance today back off. Busting through unyielding barriers will get you nowhere so simply go around the obstacle. There may be paranoia in the air so avoid catching it yourself and let others be the ones to suffer unfounded fear or suspicion and let them do it by themselves. This will be a good time to enjoy solidarity among family and to appreciate your home environment. Organizing a family get-together will have a positive outcome. Differences can be set aside. Sports and other competitive activities attract better luck but need to be approached with caution because you're likely to be accident prone. Take precautionary measures beforehand.


24 August - 23 September

Matters of love and sexuality were predominated with Mercury in your 7th house and Venus in your 8th during the transit today. It's time to talk about your feelings rather than bottling them up on the professional front slowing down your progress may result from your strategy now but better that involvement in pointless embarrassment that sap your resources without making any headway. For this reason, avoid arguments however tempted you may be to correct someone who is obviously very wrong. The more wrong they are, the more they are likely to fight about it. Today you will have to be the peacekeeper as hard as it will be to bite your tongue.


24 September - 23 October

There's a very creative even playful response to your environment which will be the key no matter what your overall game plan may be just now. Take time out to please yourself and be pleasing and you'll glean fuel from it to power the rest of what you're doing over the weekend. You need to perform a service to someone who has been in dire straits. This will remind you of the time in your past when you to needed help and therefore your empathy will be strong. You might be so bored that you'll make a rash decision or do something you'll later regret. Count to ten before acting upon your impulses. A combative stage in your relationships is now passing.


24 October - 22 November

There is electricity in the air, an excitement and enthusiasm that is rare. Just now, you could boldly enjoy what is happening and confidently expect good results even if you don't know quite where they are coming from. Today is likely to find you in possession of a kind of fearlessness that can get you through the stickiest situations by faith alone. Where others might doubt you never give it a second thought and proceed on. This does not mean rushing in where angels fear to tread but it does mean trusting powers greater than yourself and in the situation itself to carry the day when it might seem impossible to accomplish alone.


23 November - 22 December

It seems like you are working on two levels at the same time and alternating between them. Although this eventually means doubled progress while it's happening you may miss a stitch or two unless you double-check before you decide to go with spot decisions or immediate reactions. When you think twice it's all right - just make sure you do. Your personal views mustn't get mixed up with your professional duties. You may need to hold back from speaking your mind on something as much as you want to. You may even uncover corruption or find a greater compassion for people who have been victims of the abuses of the world or in your workplace.


23 December - 20 January

It's time to get rid of some of those things that are cluttering the house and trim the lines of where you live. Simpler is better and every now and then more austere surroundings better fit the bill. The same may go for the people who gather there - this is a time you may find yourself cutting back on visitors and savoring your home for the secure peaceful refuge that it can be if you let it. Your social skills will improve during this period and continue for some time however you could also be worried about money. An outing will distract you at least. Keeping others at arm's length is a distinct advantage especially if you feel you are being used.


21 January - 19 February

Your thinking is slow during this cycle but it should be. The last thing you want is to rush into a decision that's wrong. You could be looking at another promotion or at least some distinction that gives you a sense of pride. Continue to control your budget as your financial skills may be slipping a little of late. If you're too emotional about the money you'll make a mistake and this could be costly. If an impulse is part of the mix you may get taken for a ride by a fast talking salesman so listen more than you speak during this cycle. You can always come back and purchased that special tomorrow after giving due thought to the consequences.

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