10 insights into Clarence Valley mental health services

MENTAL health and the lack of services is a hot topic on the Clarence Valley. Here are 10 points of view on the current state of mental health services.

1. Currently mental health in the Valley is barely being handled at all. Mental health care services in Grafton are basically non-existent - David-John Francis

2. There are services under mental health care plans, but they require the support from all doctors as well - Suellen Jenkins

3. The few (mental health support services) in place must be stretched beyond belief … so many issues - Cherie Maxwell

4. headspace (is needed) here in Grafton, no ifs, no buts and no BS, for mental health and the young. Going to a GP or hospital isn't good enough - Scott Campbell

5. Recognising that no one model or approach is going to be the solution for everyone when communities are as diverse in their mental health as they are in their needs and differences. It is not only youth, it is adult mental health and adult suicide which is also a significant issue - Tully Gordon

6. Listen to the people who know what they are talking about. The local council should have a list of services available. Most importantly listen to the individual who is asking for help - Trish Seeney

7. More needs to be done when it comes to mental health in Grafton. So please get behind the campaign for the much needed mental health services in Grafton - Jodie Maree Eastment

8. The Clarence Valley is screaming out for better mental health services yet there would have been no more than a dozen people at the GHS MPC centre ... to listen to the speakers who were there - Mary Anne Buckler

9. With regular suicides in young people occurring as far back as I can remember this is a desperately needed service for Grafton - Wendy Taylor 

10. What we need is appropriate youth mental health resources in our schools and in every community setting so young people can feel okay to put their hand up and say I need help - Liz McMahon.

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