GENEROSITY: Alissa Marshall’s legacy lives on in Cambodia.
GENEROSITY: Alissa Marshall’s legacy lives on in Cambodia.

$10,000 for kids

ALISSA Marshall would have been so proud of her community, raising another $10,000 to help underprivileged children in Cambodia.

Tragically, the young woman who inspired this generosity died in a car crash, but her family, father Tony, mother Tracy and sister Kacie, have made sure they keep her memory alive by supporting the things she loved.

On Saturday the family held its latest fundraiser for two Cambodian children's foundations, which Alissa planned to work with once she had completed her teacher training.

With close friends Bob, Deb and Rebecca Freebody, who own the Clarence Hotel, they hosted another successful evening for the Alissa Project.

"Alissa had spent time in Cambodia volunteering with Opportunity Cambodia and the Karuna Foundation, which support and educate children in remote areas," Tracy said.

"Alissa had planned to return and continue this work at the end of her studies.

"Unfortunately this was not to happen, so The Alissa Project was set up in her memory to continue to support the wonderful children, who these two centres support.

"We were able to travel to Cambodia at the start of this year as a family with our very dear friends Bob, Deb and Rebecca, who provided us a new perspective on how our contributions to these centres are helping these children to achieve their goals."

The family is thankful for the support of "our wonderful community on the Lower Clarence" for helping and supporting this evening.

Directors of Opportunity Cambodia and Karuna Foundation, Carolyn Fletcher and Cathy Keily, each gave a talk about their centres to the gathering on Saturday night.

Tracy said it helped to give people an understanding of how important it was for these children to be given the opportunity to have an education and also how grateful they were for this chance.

"We would like to offer a special thank you to some very generous people who donated items," Tony said.

Tony thanked the community for supporting Alissa's cause.

"She would have felt so overwhelmed with the generosity our community has provided yet again to a cause which was very close to her heart," he said.

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