Tony Abbott at Caboolture
Tony Abbott at Caboolture Vicki Wood

$100,000 bet says Abbott will get over the line

WITH less than a month to the federal election, an unnamed punter has thrown down a lazy $100,000 bet on a Coalition victory.

The bet brought the odds on a Coalition victory in to $1.12 as the ALP odds widened to $6.

Bookies are regarded by many as the most reliable indicators of how elections will go, with the latest odds suggesting Kevin Rudd's honeymoon period since becoming Prime Minister for the second time may have come to an abrupt end.

Newspoll results released this week suggested that, based on preference flows at the 2010 election, the two-party-preferred vote favoured  the Coalition at 52%, with Labor at 48%.

Online bookmaker, which took the $100,000 gamble, said in  this morning that  big punters were beginning to come out of the woodwork.

The $100,000 splurge was taken at  odds of $1.15.

"This is the biggest bet we have taken on the election so far but truth be told, we are expecting even bigger bets to be placed in the coming weeks as the Coalition continue to look more and more like a sure thing," said sportsbet's Shaun Anderson.

The bet was followed by another big punt of $22,000 on the Coalition at odds of $1.12.

Latest federal election odds:

(Prices in brackets  before the $100,000 bet on the Coalition)

  • $1.12   Coalition         (in from $1.15)
  • $6.00   Labor               (out from $5.50)    

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