1.45m wide pizza wedge home built out of spite, not love

IT'S been dubbed the house that spite built - a home so narrow that you can't stand in front of the oven - you have to stand to the side.

The Montlake Spite House in Seattle Washington is just 1.4 metres wide in its narrowest part at the back of the house, expanding out to 4.5 metres at the front.

It is 77 square metres, yet the asking price is around $400,000.

US site Quirksee reports that despite its unusual shape it is 'quite roomy inside' 'with the exception of where it narrows into the kitchen.

There are various stories as to why it was built so narrow in 1925 - but common to the stories is that it was built with the specific intention of irritating neighbours by blocking light or access.

Some say the landowner grew spiteful after a neighbour made a insultingly-low offer on the strip of land.

Others say a bitter divorce is to blame.

Needless to say it's sparked curiousity - and questions - since the day it was constructed.


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