21 weird animals you probably didn’t know exist

AUSTRALIA is known as one of the deadliest countries in the world due to its harsh climate and.... its animals.

We Australian's are pretty accustomed to sharing our home with scary creepy-crawlies (well, they were here first...*cough* we won't mention the Cane Toad...) and we also tend to think we have some of the strangest animals on the planet. 

Some among us would even be surprised if they found out about an animal they've never heard of before.

But seriously - out of 1,367,555 identified non-insect animal species that live on Earth today, how do you expect to know every single one of them? 

Scientists themselves keep discovering new species every year and admit that modern science is not familiar with all existing animals.

So without further adieu, here's the top 20 animals we think are the weirdest and possibly the most unheard of. 

Warning - not all of them are super cute and fluffy (but Aussie's are pretty used to hearing that). 

1. Aye-Aye


2. Blobfish 


3. Cantor's Giant Soft Shelled Turtle 



4. Dumbo Ocotpus



5. Gobi Jerboa



6. Irrawaddy Dolphin



7. Japanese Sipder Crab



8. Lamprey



9. Naked Mole Rat



10. Patagonian Mara



11. Pink Fairy Armadillo 



12. Star Nosed Mole



13. Sunda Colugo 



14. Superb Bird of Paradise



15. The Babirusa



16. The Fossa



17. The Gerenuk 



18. The Maned Wolf



19. Tufted Deer



20. Yeti Crab



21. Zebra Duiker 


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