2015 Jacaranda Festival will go ahead

VACANCIES in the Jacaranda Festival's executive committee won't stop volunteer organisers pushing ahead to plan the Clarence Valley's iconic flower festival for an 81st consecutive year.

Last month the festival president, secretary and one of five directors announced their shock resignations within days of each other, leaving the committee without a captain.

Another festival director is inactive as she is on maternity leave, and recent rumours suggested a fourth executive member had resigned.

It has since come to light that the member did resign due to personal circumstances, but those circumstances have changed, meaning there are still four active members of the executive.

General committee member and Grafton businessman Jeff Smith said he understood that planning for most of the events was still under way, but was aware that the committee was looking for someone to plan the Jacaranda Queen Crowning after its organiser pulled out.

"That's a pretty big task that one," he said.

"It'll happen; most of the events are still fine but there's a few that are just up in the air."

Mr Smith said if the state of play with some of the events was unknown, he thought it might be better to drop a few and focus on the rest. "I think we've got to work out what's going to work," he said.

Festival director Helen Templeton said while the vacant executive committee places would need to be filled, the event directors would make sure their events were a success and the 2015 festival would go ahead as usual.

"Everybody's got to work together; that's the crux of the whole thing," she said.

"It's really the community that gets behind everything." Mrs Templeton added new volunteers were always welcome to help with the events.

The Daily Examiner has been told an election to replace the members is expected to be held at the next general committee meeting on June 23.

It could not be confirmed by vice-president Trevor Green, who declined to comment.

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