Forget wishing for a better year ahead. Look what happened last time.
Forget wishing for a better year ahead. Look what happened last time. RyanKing999

2016 sucked, but there's more where that came from

IT'S that reflective time of the year. At the beach thanks to the searing sun and sea and in our minds courtesy of that end of year melancholy.

Let's hope 2017 will be better than 2016.

It's a common pattern of thought, a default we cling to each year knowing full well that was exactly the same thinking we had on December 31, 2015 - and look what happened there (in no particularly order of gravity or ugliness)...

Bowie, Prince, Cohen, gone. Dylan still here and gets a Nobel Prize.

Syria decimated, Aleppo a human abattoir images seemingly projected straight from hell. Entire populations surging across borders and seas, dying and drowning and only to be treated like dirt upon making it to "safety”.

Earthquakes shaking continents like they were apple trees in among the Summer Olympics which featured in between mass shootings, bombings and civilians being mown down by vehicles or murdered for doing their job.

Brexit happened thanks to complacency and racism and so too Donald Trump was made the most powerful person in the world in-waiting. Which also reminds me, women are still being treated like something you scrape off the toilet floor (and that's been known to happen before), at home, in public and in cyber world.

On our golden shores domestic violence continues to escalate. Women are still tormented, brutalised and killed by men they co-habit with like it's a rite of passage. Children suffer, many deprived of reaching adulthood, through crime, neglect or their own hand.

Indigenous communities remain the pariah of the local landscapes and we still deny we have anything to do with it. Muslims despised on grounds of faith and LGBTI on grounds of their sexuality, baseless attempts to sub-humanise.

Mental health is still not regarded as a cancer on society and so goes untreated compared to other illnesses. People living with disabilities continue to be ignored in daily life.

We treat our planet like it's a plaything that will just keep bouncing back no matter what we hurl at it. Mining licences, air and water pollution, unsustainable development, plastic freakin' bags, you name it, we continue to do it with our heads planted firmly in our richly resourced ground.

Three decades later greed is still good so while we are all wanting everything but not willing to help pay for any of it, it will be a race to the bottom between the country's deficit and our own unrealistic expectations.

Give or take a few overlooked issues in haste, you get the picture.

So brace yourselves for more where that came from because unless we are planning to make big changes in our lifestyles, voting habits, attitudes and outlook, there's really no cause for any major celebrating or naive wishes for a better 2017.

Frankly we just don't deserve it.

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