2TLC: Tender loving Clarence radio station rocked by 'coup'

COMMUNICATION issues and technical difficulties have prompted some members of radio station TLC FM: Tender Loving Clarence to bring forward a special general meeting to dissolve the current board and elect a new one.

TLC secretary Rebecca Beare-Bath likened the action of the 18 members to a coup.

Mrs Bear-Bath said she believed the problem was linked to tech workers deleting presenter play lists and wiping the radio station's computer system.

"They said they wanted to upgrade the system but they didn't communicate that," she said.

Mrs Beare-Bath also said the station had financial issues because members were not actively participating in fundraisers and recruiting sponsors.

She said if TLC was unable to pay its bills it would close down and the assets would go to another charity.

"If you don't have a strong board and some people who can do admin work, it all goes to hell," she said.

"I look at this list of people who want to dissolve the committee and most of them have never been on a board before."

Mrs Beare-Bath said she did not understand why the members interested in dissolving the current committee did not join the current one.

"It would be great if these people stepped up and joined the current board," she said.

Mrs Beare-Bath said she was not renewing her membership because of work and study commitments

TLC chairwoman Nancy Bain said she would have preferred to have sorted out differences by talking but hoped the end result of the meeting was positive.

"I've been with the radio station on and off since the beginning and these things happen from time to time," Mrs Bain said.

"I would have liked for some of the people who have written about it to have come and spoken to me, we could have sorted it out easier."

"I'd be happy to work with anyone who wants to talk."

Mrs Bain said the radio station was an important community asset and needed someone to unite everyone to keep it going.

TLC public officer and treasurer Peter Finucan said he did not believe the June 24 meeting was a coup.

"I don't think it is a clash of titans," Mr Finucan said.

"I've been around the station for 25 years and this has happened before, it's not a bad thing.

"I'm pretty positive of what will come out of the meeting. I think it is an evolution, not a revolution."

Mr Finucan said he hoped the new board would prioritise tech issues like the antenna which was struck by lightning last year.

Two of the members who brought forward the special general meeting did not want to comment.

The vote will happen on June 24.

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