The layout of the proposed Clarence Valley Council depot on the corner of Skinner and Tyson sts, South Grafton.
The layout of the proposed Clarence Valley Council depot on the corner of Skinner and Tyson sts, South Grafton.

5 things coming up at council

General managers performance review panel

A mayoral minute at tonight Clarence Valley Council meeting will seek to establish a performance review panel to conduct reviews of the general manager.

The proposed motion states that:

Council establish a Performance Review Panel with delegated authority to conduct the performance review of the General Manager in accordance with the Office of Local Government Guidelines issued pursuant to section 23A of the Local Government Act 1993.

Membership of the Performance Review Panel shall comprise the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, a Councillor nominated by Council and a Councillor nominated by the General Manager.

A Councillor be appointed to the Performance Review Panel.

Grafton Depot rationalisation project - cost saving options

Cost saving options associated with the South Grafton depot project will be discussed at the council meeting.

Council have identified a number of cost saving options for the depot which include, sealing the light vehicle carpark with 2 coat bitumen instead of asphalt,

Council are also proposing the entry road to the administration building be completely asphalt instead of a combination of asphalt and concrete.

The officer recommendation suggests the lower level area be sealed with 2 coast bitumen instead of asphalt.

The final recommendation is the Skinner St driveway not have box culverts at the drive entrance as they are not required.

These changes are estimated to save $32,500 with more cost saving measures to be researched.

Change of time for council meetings

The time of council meetings could change with a proposal to change the ordinary council meetings to alternate between Grafton and Maclean on the third Tuesday of each month commencing at 2pm.

The committee meetings be held on the second Tuesday of each month with the Corporate, Governance and Works Committee meeting beginning at 2pm and the Environment, Planning and Community Committee beginning at 3pm, but as late at 4pm, depending on the conclusion of the previous meeting.

CCTV contribution

The Grafton Chamber of Commerce is currently rolling out a CCTV program in Grafton and South Grafton to enhance safety of businesses and the community at large. They are seeking a $50,000 contribution from the Council. This would complement a $200,000 grant obtained from the Federal Member Kevin Hogan under the Safer Communities Program.

Last week, the committee recommended that council consider the $50,00 request during the framing of the 18/19 annual budget.

Flying fox dispersal costing

The cost of dispersing flying foxes is likely to be in excess of $100,000 if the other dispersals of flying foxes in Sydney are taken into consideration. This does not include the cost of a licence to disperse flying foxes, which is between $40,000 and $100,000.

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