CVCIA Toading Coordinator, Scott Lenton with some male toads.
CVCIA Toading Coordinator, Scott Lenton with some male toads.

5000 toads down, more to go

THEY”RE ugly, they're pests, and there's 5000 less of them thanks to the efforts of volunteers working with Clarence Valley Conservation in Action (CVCIA) Landcare.

This milestone comes nearly two months earlier then it was reached in both the 2014/15 and 2015/16 toading seasons and this years achievement is largely attributed to the increased volunteer numbers and energy, with over 4000 toads collected since the successful first Maclean toad bust only 3 weeks ago when 25 volunteers joined the CVCIA's drive to remove toads from the Valley.

Warmer, humid conditions and commencement of the summer storm season has awoken toads from their winter rest and breeding activity has resumed as evidenced by the removal of 1800 newly-emerged toads, or metamorphs, from the Wherrett Park stormwater drain in Maclean following a report to the CVCIA from a nearby resident, Linden Keys.

Mr Keys obtained his information on cane toad tadpole identification from the Councils webpage 'Cane toads in the Clarence Valley' and was amazed when he found out how many baby toads were collected last Monday as they emerged from a pond of warm, stagnant water just before dark adjacent to Maclean's urban area.

Nearly 2000 toads have been collected from both Yamba and Maclean this season, while Micalo Island has accounted for almost 700, Brooms Head nearly 600 and Taloumbi and Romiaka Island accounting for minor tallies as over 50 different volunteers (including 20 junior toaders) have put in a fantastic effort attempting to bring the Clarence Valley's toad population under control.

"Many local landowners and residents of both rural and urban land have independently been taking up the challenege collecting toads on their own properties and this increased effort is really making a positive contribution by removing toads from the environment before the breeding activity gets into full swing,” said CVCIA Toading Coordinator, Scott Lenton.

"It's rewarding to know that word is getting out among the broader community that cane toads can be eradicated through consistent effort and diligence, whether it be collecting toads, reporting sightings of toads, toad eggs or toad tadpoles through the CVCIA website or simply getting in touch with the CVCIA and having our toading team visit to remove toads from private land.”

The CVCIA is committed to the tackling this invasion of cane toads head-on by checking out new sites, bagging more toads and raising community awareness of these pests and how to remove them from our environment with plans to visit a range of other localities in the coming months, including Townsend, Palmers Island, Chatsworth, Warregah Island, Mororo, Woombah and Goodwood Island as well as the usual grounds.

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