Paul Walker.
Paul Walker.

Aussies obsessed with celebrity deaths and royal births

AUSTRALIANS could not get enough of celebrity deaths, the royal birth and reality television according to their online habits.

These topics filled the top three Google searches this year.

The release of the annual Google Zeitgeist this week shows what captivated Aussies and provides a fascinating insight into the nation's psyche.

Hollywood actor Paul Walker's sudden death in a fiery car crash made him Australia's top trending search this year followed by the death of former Glee star Cory Monteith from a drug overdose in a Canadian hotel room.

The birth of the royal baby, Prince George of Cambridge, now third in succession for the British throne, similarly came in at number three on this year's overall top trending list.

Also making the top 10 searches were North Korea, information about how to stay safe from fires with the Rural Fire Service and registering to vote with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Three Australian reality TV shows, The Block, My Kitchen Rules and House Rules also made the year's top trending list - and what would a top annual search be without an Apple product.

Google spokesman Shane Treeves said the online search engine had cemented its place as the number one site for information in the world.

"Google's year-end Zeitgeist is a cultural barometer that provides a snapshot of the year's big events, memorable moments and growing trends in Australia," he said.

"Google is often the first place Australians turn to find out more about our heroes, learn new skills, fact-check the news, and settle dinner table disputes between friends."


Paul Walker

Cory Monteith

Royal Baby

iPhone 5s

North Korea



The Block

My Kitchen Rules

House Rules

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