Boxing Day sales set to be the biggest in recent memory

RETAILERS across the country are gearing themselves for one of the biggest post Christmas rushes in recent memory.

Cash registers will be ringing and cards getting swiped as the traditional Boxing Day sales kick-off in earnest.

Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman said shoppers across the country will be hitting the stores today (Dec 26) and for the next two weeks keen to pick up a bargain.

"Retailers always expect a massive Boxing Day and this year will certainly be no different," he said.

"Literally every man and his dog are gearing up for the Boxing day sales.

"This year we are expecting a $15.1 billion spend nationally between today and January 15."

Mr Zimmerman said there has been a return of consumer confidence this year, but urged people to shop around when seeking out bargains.

"People have been tempted to spend more this year," he said.

"People always go to the big chains, but we are urging people this year not to forget their local retailers.

"They are the ones that are locally owned and generally the ones that support their respective communities."

Mr Zimmerman said the retail sector was showing signs of recovery, but there was still a long way to go.

"It is not as good as it was in the good old days, but we are extremely happy with the way the sector is performing.

"Sales this year have already shown an increase compared to last year and the year before.

""As we know the festive sales period does not just continue in the stores, there are also many shoppers who will be enjoying the Boxing Day sales from their lounge rooms.

"However, there has been a decline this year in some of the big ticket items including home entertainment systems, jewellery, watches and movies."


(November 15 to December 24)

Queensland: $8.827 billion - increase of 3.7% on previous year.

New South Wales: $12.743 billion - increase of 3.9% on previous year.

Nationally: $42.1 billion - increase of 3.3% on previous year.


(December 26 to January 15)

Queensland: $4.585 billion

New South Wales: $ 3.169 billion

Nationally: $15.1 billion.

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