Clive already cheering as Carbon Tax repeal expected to pass

CLIVE Palmer was already celebrating his minor party's role in the repeal of the Carbon Tax before debate on the Abbott government's bills was completed on Monday.

After talks between the government and Palmer United Party senators at the weekend, the carbon tax repeal bills were expected to pass the House on Monday.

But even before debate had finished in the lower house, Mr Palmer "paid tribute" to his senators for their "courageous stand" to ensure any savings were passed on to consumers.

Debate over the repeal bills dominated parliament on Monday, with Labor and The Greens refusing to budge, despite the government appearing to have the numbers to pass it through both houses of parliament this week.

Mr Palmer said the talks at the weekend had resulted in the government "adopting all of the PUP amendments" to the legislation.

He said the sum result of the PUP amendments would be "a lowering of electricity and gas prices", despite continued uncertainty on which sectors of the economy would bear the brunt of strict reporting requirements and harsher penalties.

After a hashing of negotiations last week, it was clear on Monday the government was talking again to PUP to ensure it could fulfil one of its central election promises.

But it appeared the government, having the numbers, did not stretch to talks with the rest of the diverse Senate crossbench.

Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm said he was not approached during the negotiations at the weekend, but that his concerns were alleviated.

Senator Leyonhjelm was last week worried the PUP amendments would only increase red tape for businesses, meaning he would oppose.

But after the latest amendments were circulated, he said he was now happy with the repeal legislation, and would likely support it.

A vote was pending on the repeal bills in the House of Representatives at the time of print.

The repeal was expected to pass the lower house on Monday night, with the government likely to introduce the bills for a third time in the Senate on Tuesday.

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