Sophie Mirabella
Sophie Mirabella

Mirabella predicted to retain her seat of Indi

ABC election analyst Atony Green has predicted Coalition frontbencher Sophie Mirabella would retain her seat, despite trailing by more than 1000 votes yesterday.

Independent Cathy McGowan's lead of 1754 votes had narrowed to 1051 by Tuesday afternoon, with 78% of the vote counted.

Australian Electoral Commission staff were expected to turn their attention to counting postal votes on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Green said he expected the bulk of postal votes to fall in Ms Mirabella's column.

"Ms Mirabella would have written to every constituent in the electorate offering a postal vote application and traditionally they tend to favour the party that does that best," the election guru said.

"As far as absent votes (go), there'll be a few thousand of them cast outside the electorate on election day and Ms McGowan wouldn't have had anybody handing out how-to-vote cards outside the electorate of Indi."

Five seats remained on the AEC's close list on Tuesday afternoon, including the central Queensland seat of Capricornia where Peter Freeleagus led by just 152 votes with postal votes being counted.

Labor led in just one of the other close seats, with Steve McMahon holding a 43-vote lead in Barton.

In Fairfax, Clive Palmer held a 2016-vote lead over the LNP's Ted O'Brien with 60% of the vote counted.

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