PM's tsunami aid comments cause social backlash in Indonesia

INDONESIAN social media users have slammed Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott for his comments last week about how the country provided $1 billion in aid to Indonesia following the 2004 tsunami.

Mr Abbott brought up the aid background as part of Australia's campaign against Indonesia's intention to execute Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran for drug smuggling.

A group of Indonesians have taken to social media with photos of Australia and a pile of coins with a tagline of "Coin for Australia".

"We will refund for Australia tsunami aid. Is it enough Mr Tony Abbott?" one posted, with a picture of coins.

Another said "Go to hell with your aid bogan Oz".

Mr Abbott later said he was only pointing out the depth of friendship between Australia and Indonesia.

"I was referring to the obvious strength of the relationship between Indonesia and Australia and what we have done for Indonesia in the past, and yes, Indonesia has done a lot for us as well, because that's what friends do for each other," Mr Abbott said.

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