CSG co, anti-CSG group have stalls

A CSG company and an anti-CSG group each have stalls at the Grafton show.


Key people: CEO Peter Henderson (pictured), GM Exploration Peter Stanmore, Operations Manager Aidan Stewart

Goals: To communicate the track record of Metgasco and that the CSG industry is well understood, safe, highly regulated and will add significant value to the Grafton economy. The coal-seam gas industry is low impact, utilises a small amount of space .

Financial backing: Australian-owned (other financial details not supplied)

Strengths: No examples in Australia of aquifer contamination as a result of operations; will create hundreds of full-time local jobs in region.

Showbags/stall goodies: Metgasco brochure, info about CSG, an explanation of how drilling works and how aquifers are protected through steel and concrete casing.


Clarence Valley Alliance Against Coal Seam Gas

Key People: Co-ordinators Seanine Cooper, Janet Cavanaugh, Denise Deane - plus a core group of 10

Goals: To educate the public and overcome industry spin doctoring and ultimately prevent CSG mining. Several sub-groups from Valley, including CWA, are part of the Alliance. Aim to prove CSG mining (not conventional gas) is a new industry with an appalling track record of contamination in Qld and US. It is not safe which is why CSG refugees in Qld have to move.

Financial backing: Donations and fundraising.

Strengths: Group is united not by greed but by a need to keep this part of the world free of gas and chemical contamination.

Showbags/stall goodies: Merchandise, free info, colouring in for kids, sign-up sheets.

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