A festival of love, sex and tantra in Byron this weekend

PUT the smartphone away and tap into your body's deepest corners at this weekend's Taste of Love Festival.

Byron Bay resident and counsellor Marion Ellyard, who organises the event, said the festival featured a line up of well-known local, national and international presenters on the topics of awakening, love, sex and consciousness.

"It is a transformative festival, where you can get access to a huge range of teachers and presenters who have done a lot of work in the area of awakening, embodiment, sexuality and tantra," Ms Ellyard said.

"It's 30 little workshops where you can poke your head in and expand your knowledge and ideas and get a taste what other people think and do, and see if that would work or not for you in your life.

"We see a lot of couples because we teach a lot about intimacy, listening to each other, being present with each other and the importance of touch and connection."

The counsellor explained embodiment as "living in your body, and giving your body importance to communicate with you".

"We believe that we have started to live too much in our heads or intellect and we no longer live into the body that informs us of our feelings, the emotions, the care for each other and the planet," Ms Ellyard said.

"It's about giving your body a voice to inform you who you are and what you need."

The Taste of Love Festival aims to help people discover these topics can do so in a safe and fun environment.

"People can attend workshops but they don't have to participate, they can just sit and listen and that's okay," Ms Ellyard said.

"It is great for couples and for singles and the evening social events are great for meeting people and share experiences in a more relaxed, safe environment.

"Our aim is to liberate sexual energy and channel it in a positive way to be used on personal fulfilment and creation and in our immediate and bigger environment."


The Taste of Love Festival will be held at the Byron Community Centre, 69 Johnson St, Byron Bay, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For details visit tasteoflove.com.au.

Some of the workshops available are:

  • Ecstatic Tantric Dance with Christine Borch and Ron van Twuiver (Netherlands).
  • The Sacred Art of Stripping (workshops for men and women)
  • Conscious Hugging Meditation
  • Sex, God & Cellulite
  • Genital Show and Tell
  • Warrior Consciousness - Vitality of Vulnerability
  • The Heart of Infinite Relating
  • The Innocent Phallus
  • Yoni Yoga (for women).

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