A vocal performance to remember

IT WAS wonderful moment for Anne Gray when she took to the stage at the Lower Clarence Music Eisteddfod, hitting all the right notes and impressing the judges.

Ms Gray took on four sections, the vocal duet, with Jennifer Ensor, stage, film or operetta category, the traditional, folk or national category and the vocal solo any style category.

"I felt good (about my performance), one of my songs I felt like I could have gone better, my solo one, but I felt I did good," she said.

"I've sung since I was a child and I've sung solo since I was a child and I've done a lot of unaccompanied singing.

"So I've done a lot of singing over many many years and I just enjoy it."


Ms Gray, who is originally from Scotland and came to Maclean 12 years ago, first took on the Lower Clarence Music Eisteddfod six years ago, in the first eisteddfod.

"Connie (de Dassel) persuaded me to sing and... I thought 'I've never sung competitively', but she persuaded me to do and I came away with a first and a second and it's just gone on every year," she said.

"I keep saying I'm not going to do this again, I'm not going to do this again, but here I am."

Ms Gray said Ms de Dassel is extremely helpful when it comes to song choice.

"She's very good at knowing what suits our voices... Connie is very good at knowing what key suits us and I thought (today's song) might have been a bit high for me because I'm not a soprano, I'm an alto, so I really had to focus on getting up to that top note," she said.

"I'm quite good at hitting a high note if it's in isolation, not if there is a bit of a run in it, there was a bit in that song The Wedding, but it was consistently high for a few phrases and I thought 'oh dear'."

Ms Gray was awarded three firsts and a highly commended for her performances.

The Lower Clarence Music Eisteddfod is on until June 24.

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