Abbott promises $75,000 payout for Bali bomb suffering

VICTIMS of the Bali bombings and their families could get up to $75,000 compensation for their loss and injuries, under a Coalition plan for victims of terrorism.

The funds, Opposition leader Tony Abbott said on Tuesday, would also be backdated to September 10 2001, to include about 300 victims and their families.

Mr Abbott promised a Coalition government would introduce legislation to enact the changes within 100 days of taking office.

He said after having introduced a private members' bill along the same lines in 2009, he hoped the parliament would act in a "bipartisan way" to the new proposal.

While the Coalition has not submitted the proposal to independent costings, an Opposition statement said the expected cost of the policy would be about $30 million.

It would take into account victims of major terrorist events in New York, Bali, Jakarta, London and Mumbai.

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