Tanilla Warrick-Deaves.
Tanilla Warrick-Deaves.

Accused killer shares Tanilla's 'last words' with court

"GOODNIGHT daddy, I love you".

They were the last words accused child killer Warren Ross claims two-year-old Tanilla Warrick-Deave's said the night she died.

Mr Ross is on trial over the murder of Tanilla, who died from serious head injuries in August, 2008.

In a police interview played in the Sydney Supreme Court on Monday, Mr Ross claims a series of injuries discovered on Tanilla's body were a result of two accidents earlier in the week.

He said bruising on her inner legs was due to her being "shanghaied" across trampoline springs while she was jumping around with her elder sister.

On the same day, Mr Ross said he heard a "bang" coming from the room where Tanilla was climbing on a set of drawers.

He said he assumed Tanilla had fallen because he noticed red marks on her bottom and back and was surprised that she didn't cry.

The day Tanilla died, Mr Ross said he had gone to his cousin's house to smoke pot before coming home to look after the two younger children.

He said Tanilla and her sister had spent most of the time outside and had helped feed the chooks and the dogs because he was teaching them to look after their animals.

That night, Mr Ross said Tanilla "ate like a trooper" and didn't know any signs of trauma.

He said it wasn't until her mother checked on her later that night that she realised something was wrong and screamed "Bub, the baby's not breathing…the baby's not breathing".

After calling an ambulance Mr Ross said he commenced CPR but heard a "crack" and thought "s***, I've hurt her".

He is seen to break down in tears as he tells police "I f***ing tried…I don't understand…she was f***ing perfect yesterday".

During the interview, Mr Ross looked up at the ceiling and said "They would want to look after her up there".

Police allege Mr Ross attacked Tanilla because she failed to lock up the chooks properly.

Neighbours have told the court that in the weeks leading up to her Tanilla's death, they heard Mr Ross screaming and whipping the toddler during toilet training.

The trial continues.

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