Action cools off with cold current

FOR the first time for several weeks the weather has been reasonably good and quite a few boats were able to reach the offshore grounds.

But as usual there was a fly in the ointment; a very cold current swept in to the coast and the offshore fish lost interest in feeding.

Several of the regulars managed to bring back the odd fish or two but there was hardly a red scale anywhere.

My grandson went fishing with his other grandfather (who probably knows the spots offshore far better than me) and they did manage to pick up a few teraglin off Woody, but no reddies.

One of the most successful offshore anglers was Renee Hand of Yamba who boated a 3.890kg flathead on a prawn fishing off Red Cliff.

It was the biggest fish she has caught but she just missed out on a certificate for her efforts, beaten by the 4.350kg catch by Mark Rosser of Grafton who fished at Browns Rocks with a live bait.

Flathead catches during the week have shown an improvement with Vince Leonard landing a 1.170kg fish and another weighing 1.120kg, both on soft plastics at Palmers Island.

Tony West of Grafton fished Romiaka Channel with pilchards and landed a 1.024kg fish. The next day Geoff Solomon of Yamba fished the same area and hooked one of 1.580kg, also on a pilchard.

Bream were generally of a better size with top of the list this week the 1.630kg catch taken by Dean Quill of Yamba while fishing Lovers, using prawns.

Paul Jackson of Yamba came back to the breakwall with a pilchard and scored one of 800g, while Daniel Croft of Yamba was another who tried Lovers for a 980g fish.

Bigger fish have moved further into the estuary, possibly to escape the cold current.

The best weighed in from Browns was the 700g catch taken by Ruff Boyle from Bundoora.

Oyster Channel came good for Ed Somerville of Yamba who scored one of 1.000kg on a yabbie while Kenny Cameron from Maclean did well in local waters with a 1.500kg fish on a plastic lure.

John Cookson of Maclean fished the Broadwater where his best fish was 680g.

On the ocean front, Jackson Croft of Yamba tried Flat Rock at the southern end of Pippie Beach and landed a 700g fish while further south at Minnie Water, Tom Wilson of South Grafton brought in a 745g fish on a mullet bait.

Although there was no blackfish weighed in this week, a few were taken at the T-Piece and the inner end of the Yamba wall but it has been very difficult to find any concentration.

A few jewfish have been landed, mostly inside the estuary.

Mischa Porter of Iluka struck again at the Iluka wall, landing a 10.030kg fish and another of 9.300kg, both were taken on a lure. Scott Lemon of Grafton scored one of 3.200kg in Oyster Channel.

Although the anglers participating in the snapper competition at Wooli managed to bring in some good-size fish up to 10kg, nothing has been weighed in from out of the Clarence.

Gaye Lyne Mason of Iluka tried her luck at the mouth of the river and scored a big fork-tail catfish (the big silver one). This one tipped the scales at 4.680kg and was taken on a squid bait.

There is no section for catfish in our competition but one this size is not to be sneezed at. Almost half of the weight will be in the boney head but the back half of the fish is quite good eating ... trust me.

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