THE magic of dirtgirlworld, which has captivated children across the globe, made the transition from our TV screens at the weekend when actress Maree Lowes brought Dirtgirl to life at Bunnings in Grafton.

It was the first time the former Grafton girl made a public appearance as the beloved gardener who grows awesome vegetables and has a backyard full of friends.

Wearing Dirtgirl's trademark yellow gumboots and overalls, she was an instant hit with local children who gasped in surprise when they saw their famous friend.

Together, they spoke about the importance of recycling, planted marigolds, built a worm farm and did some composting.

Ms Lowes said she was delighted to bring Dirtgirl to Grafton.

"It was so lovely," she said.

"I got to hang out with all the kids and I knew that would be fun.

"As Dirtgirl I get to talk about a lot of the things I care about, like recycling, and I get to teach them why it's so important. That is what I did on the weekend." she said.

Ms Lowes added her first public appearance was made extra special by the tremendous excitement and enthusiasm displayed by the kids during her visit as Dirtgirl.

Co-creator of dirtgirlworld Cate McQuillan said more than 400 youngsters turned out to see their favourite character in person.

She said Ms Lowes' portrayal of her popular creation was a joy and amazing to watch.

"Ms Lowes has such genuine and honest integrity and the look on the kids' faces when they saw her - they were all so happy, shocked and surprised," she said.

"To see them and watch them realise that this character from TV was there and they could go and say hello and talk to her and have her undivided attention, they absolutely loved it."

As Dirtgirl, Ms Lowes signed autographs and posed for photos with a plethora of young fans.

Her favourite things about portraying Dirtgirl include talking about growing vegetables, focusing on having plenty of fun in the garden and sharing the sense of wonder Dirtgirl has created with her young audience.

"It is a gift to be her," she said.

When she is not dressed in the bright overalls and gumboots, Ms Lowes enjoys playing music. She has recently graduated from the University of Newcastle with a psychology degree and a double major in Indigenous Studies.

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