Air-con customers warranty worries

CLARENCE Valley residents looking to install air-conditioning units have been warned their warranty could be void unless they use tradesmen with the appropriate licence for NSW.

Dwayne Doyle, from Cool Valley Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, said as an air-conditioning repairer as well as an installer, he had encountered customers who needed repairs, but whose costs were not covered under warranty because the installer was not registered with the Office of Fair Trade.

“They may be qualified electricians or have what's called an installer's ticket, but in NSW you need to have a certificate from Fair Trading,” he said.

Fellow tradesman Jamie Shipman said some retail businesses in Grafton may even unwittingly refer customers to unlicensed installers, without realising those tradesmen did not hold the correct air-conditioning installation licence for NSW.

Mr Doyle said unlicensed operators may offer customers lower quotes because they did not have to cover the same costs as qualified tradesmen.

An Office of Fair Trading spokeswoman said the office would investigate any claims of tradesmen in any industry working without the appropriate licence.

She encouraged customers and tradesmen to call the Office of Fair Trading if they were concerned about unlicensed work.

Customers can check business licences online at .

For more information or to report unlicensed work visit the Grafton office on Fitzroy Street or phone 13 32 20.

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