Albanese attacks Abbott's infrastructure funding plans

FORMER Labor Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese has attacked the Abbott government's infrastructure funding plans, saying the money expected in the budget is not new.

Mr Albanese, who led the Infrastructure Department in the previous government, told ABC on Monday funding for a raft of new project was "a series of re-announcements".

The government's first budget is expected to include some $40 billion over several years for infrastructure, to be shared with state government contributions.

But Mr Albanese said promised projects including the Brisbane Cross River Rail, Toowoomba Range Crossing and WestConnex were already funded.

He said he was "not convinced there will be any new money", saying budget leaks of billions of dollars for roads with "shuffling" of funds.

"It's interesting that they're talking about six years rather than four years of the forward estimates," he said.

"Wait for the spin tomorrow night that says, oh yeah the money is there but it's out five and six years away, rather than actually there in the forward estimates."

The Abbott government will release its first budget on Tuesday night in Canberra.

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