ALDI plans alcohol sale

Mavis Mohammed of the Richmond Valley Residents and Ratepayers Association believes there are already too many liquor outlets in Casino.
Mavis Mohammed of the Richmond Valley Residents and Ratepayers Association believes there are already too many liquor outlets in Casino. Scott Harlum

MAVIS Mohammed is not a wowser, but she does not want more alcohol outlets in Casino. In fact she thinks there should be less.

As president of the Richmond Valley Residents and Ratepayers Association she is concerned by a plan by the ALDI supermarket in the town to start selling alcohol.

The supermarket chain revealed their plans in a notice distributed in Casino this week.

They propose setting aside a small area of their store for non-refrigerated packaged alcohol sales and will apply to the state Casino, Liquor and Gambling Control Authority for a licence.

"I think we don't need it; we have enough outlets here now," Mrs Mohammed said.

"Look at all the pubs, and then you've got the clubs, and then you've got Woolworths.

"I am not a wowser, my husband drinks, but we have enough crime in town because of alcohol," Mrs Mohammed said.

Mrs Mohammed shops at ALDI and she thinks the chain should exercise caution in their plan.

"I would say have a good think about it. They will be blamed if things are happening out there in the car park or just around the corner," she said.

"I think it is a shame when they have such a great thing going for them now. (The store) is great, there is no doubt about it, but don't bring alcohol in."

A spokeswoman said ALDI takes its responsibility to the community very seriously, but wants to provide shoppers with all their needs under one roof.

"We share concerns about alcohol in the community, which is why ALDI intends to join the local Liquor Accord," the spokeswoman said.

"(The Accord) is a voluntary industry-based partnership working in the local community to introduce practical solutions to liquor-related problems."

She also said ALDI is in the process of labelling products with responsible consumption messages and welcomes further initiatives in this regard.

And she said the outlet will be relatively small - only 3% of the average floor space of another retailer.

Mrs Mohammed said members of the community she had spoken to since hearing of the plan also did not want another alcohol outlet.

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