The Daily Examiner report.
The Daily Examiner report.

Ambos' support is under review

NSW Ambulance Service’s back-up support for its officers leaves a lot to be desired.

One week after The Daily Examiner published ex-ambulance officer Wade Walker’s story of why he quit the service, The NSW Ambulance Service offered a disjointed explanation of the counselling and support services they offer to their paramedics and call-centre staff.

Wade Walker, an ambulance paramedic of 20 years, quit in disgust two weeks ago due to the carnage he sees far too often on our roads and because of the psychological impact the job has on rescue service members.

Daily Examiner journalist Terry Deefholts sent four straight-forward questions to the Ambulance Service media unit, some of which concerned officer suicide, and none were answered in full.

They did however say that the Ambulance Service is constantly reviewing its support services.

“In recent years Employee Assistance Program offering counselling with a trained psychologist has been extended, as has the Peer Support Network and chaplaincy services.

“All managers are also receiving additional training to assist them to support and advise staff who may be having difficulty in managing their reaction to stress, either generally or from an individual incident,” the Ambulance media unit said.

They also invited Mr Walker to provide them with feedback directly to the Ambulance Service to “assist in continually improving support for staff”.

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