Flight attendant: I avoid this drink at all costs

When you've been flying for 30 years you're bound to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Andrea Song is a flight attendant with American Airlines servicing routes to Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, London and Sydney.

American Airlines flight attendant, Andrea Song, shares her best tips for flying.
American Airlines flight attendant, Andrea Song, shares her best tips for flying.

After years in the air she's perfected her travel regimen and says if you want to feel fresh on landing, there's one drink you should always avoid. Here are her top flying tips.


Preparation for long haul flights tends to begin a few days before takeoff. I always avoid high sodium foods in the days prior as joints especially in the legs, feet and ankles tend to swell as a result of this food group. When flying, I also avoid this food group and advise to avoid tomato juice at all costs! I say this because a Bloody Mary Mix contains 12-times more sodium than a soft drink.

Put down the tomato juice.
Put down the tomato juice.

In addition to avoiding sodium, I also ensure that I am well hydrated in the days leading up to the flight and continue to do stay hydrated throughout the duration of the flight. Atmospheric pressure, more commonly known as high altitude pressure has a direct relationship with dehydration of the body when flying, so water is very important. I also would encourage passengers to wear compression socks or pantyhose like the flight attendants.

In terms of my personal beauty regimen, I keep it simple on my face and use vitamin C Oil with vitamin C Lotion on top. I find that these two products are easy to reapply during a long-haul flight. I avoid foundation at all costs as I find that the oil and lotion keeps my skin nice and hydrated.

Upon landing in Sydney at night, I take a hot bath with Epsom salt as it helps to reduce swelling. I also like to relax with a few adult beverages.


The products I can't fly without are Rose Water Mist, and vitamin C Lotion. These two products keep my skin refreshed and hydrated and are easy to reapply throughout a long-haul flight. I personally use my Rose Water Spray as much as I can during the flight as it's very refreshing and passengers always comment on how nice it smells.

Away from the beauty cabinet, I always include a brisk walk in my morning routine even if I have been flying for 16 hours. Fresh air is often underestimated. My morning routine of course also always includes a good, strong cup of tea.


Andrea is a flight attendant on American Airlines’ Sydney route.
Andrea is a flight attendant on American Airlines’ Sydney route.



Keeping it simple is best for hair and makeup choices, especially when flying for up to 15 hours. Notable mistakes that I often see passengers make are boarding with elaborate hair styles and over the top make up - these never work. Ponytails make it difficult to rest your head back so try to avoid this hairstyle if you want to sleep. For long hair, I would suggest wearing a beanie to keep hair in-tact. Overall, the biggest beauty mistake would probably be the 'raccoon mascara disaster' so avoid excessive mascara.


The dreaded jet lag can be avoidable by taking a quick shower and brisk walk around your new destination. This helps acclimatise to the time zone very well. If I land at night, I head to the gym and walk on the treadmill for a minimum of 30 minutes. Food is also key - as a flight attendant, we eat fresh anything - from salads, to green juices and various fruits.


Avoiding spills and clearing security quickly is easy when passengers utilise a litre size zip lock baggie, and remember the 100mL universal limit per bottle. That way none of their beloved products are left behind with security.

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