OPINION: An unfortunate decision to cut blood vans

OPINION, David Moase - The DEX editor

THERE is sure to be wide-spread disappointment at the news the Red Cross Blood Service will be cutting its mobile collection services.

For many people, giving blood once every few months is a quick and painless piece of community service.

Those who have been giving for many years are rightly proud of the number of donations they have made, and the lives they may have saved.

I haven't been able to donate for about 20 years, but there are others who have been regulars at the blood bank for much of their lives.

For some of them the trip to Coffs Harbour will be more than they can fit into their schedule. A round trip of 2-3 hours is a lot different to just heading off to the local hospital whenever the blood van is in town.

The Red Cross Blood Service has clearly assessed its needs and the costs involved with collection, but it is disappointing the mobile service hasn't been maintained in some form.

This isn't the same thing as losing jobs in the Clarence Valley but it is unfortunate to no longer have easy access to this well-used way of helping the community.

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