BORN and educated in Maclean.


  • Apprentice motor mechanic NRCC Grafton 1969-73
  • Plant mechanic/operator CRCC flood mitigation South Grafton 1973-74
  • Motor mechanic Maclean Motors 1974
  • L/H heavy machinery fitter Goldsworthy Mining Ltd Shay Gap WA 1974-78
  • Cane harvester operator JVC & BA Spencer Harwood Island 1978-79
  • Diesel mechanic Peters Ice Cream Grafton 1979-81
  • Plant mechanic DMR South Grafton 1981-89


  • Real estate agent Andrew Baker Real Estate Maclean 1989-2003
  • Sugar cane farmer Lawrence 1992-2002
  • Property developer Maclean and Gulmarrad 1985-present


  • Convener - Amalgamated Metal Workers Union Shay Gap WA 1975-78
  • President Combined Unions Council Shay Gap WA 1976-78
  • Director Brushgrove-Lawrence Cane Growers Co-operative 1993-1997
  • Director NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative 1994-97

Former and present business

Employer of 21 local employees in 2009, currently 12 employees, land development, real estate agency, house and land construction, sugar cane farming, commercial construction, landscaping business, project management, strategic planning, Maclean Hotel licensee.


1 Experienced to think and act as a professional director, history in business management, industrial relations, director of local companies and farming co-operatives.

I won't be needing on-the-job education.

2 Ability to take control of policy-making and strategic direction. Councillors need to be competent in business and infrastructure planning, funding, finance and strategic planning.

I have a Good working knowledge of legislative and legal framework of state, regional and local controls. My experience was has been gained before asking for election.

3 Experience in "making stuff happen". My number one priority is quite simple - work with the economy we already have.

It's here, it's established, it's already taken the risk and it's already invested here.

A policy of look after our local economy first will naturally attract and it will be the incentive for new economic investment, not promises.

No ads or how-to-vote flyers. No trees sacrificed for my election.

CCTV: Maclean crash caught on film

premium_icon CCTV: Maclean crash caught on film

VIDEO: Driver flees the scene following crash

Grafton gallery now open 7 days a week

Grafton gallery now open 7 days a week

Tourism accreditation opens up new opportunities

DOG DELIGHT: Instafamous Daisy is our 'top dog'

premium_icon DOG DELIGHT: Instafamous Daisy is our 'top dog'

You voted, and here's the best in breed

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