Annie and Lloyd pictured during their instant restaurant in Adelaide.
Annie and Lloyd pictured during their instant restaurant in Adelaide.

Annie and Lloyd’s magical MKR evening turns into nightmare

ANNIE and Lloyd's night of culinary theatrics hit a bland note on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The 23-year-old high school sweethearts hoped to show the other teams how they can "cook up a storm" despite their age.

Lloyd is a medical student while Annie works in fashion retail, has an obsession with the colour pink and loves musical theatre.

While the other teams expected pink overload, the only ode to Annie's pink obsession at their Mystic Hollow-themed instant restaurant was a rosewater dessert.

The evening started to go wrong during the preparation of the beef curry.

After adding too much water to the sauce, the filling of their coconut buns lacked a punch of spices.

"There wasn't a lot of flavour in that curry," judge Pete Evans said.

"But the biggest problem for me was the coconut buns, (and) how much dough there is compared to how much filling there is. It was hard to swallow, it was hard to chew it was hard to eat."

Things only got worse during the main course.

Annie and Lloyd get a visit from Manu Feildel in the kitchen.
Annie and Lloyd get a visit from Manu Feildel in the kitchen. Tony Lewis

The couple's lack of experience cooking meat in parchment paper meant that their fish cooked unevenly.

"You've got lemon, ginger, onions all on the bottom of the fish and none on the top so when I start eating the top it's bland but when I get to the bottom lovely flavours, but I had to dig in to go and get it," Manu Feildel said.

The bubbly couple was clearly deflated by the failure of their first two courses and the judges urged them to end on a high note.

"Show us what you can do with this dessert. You've got a love of food, nail it," Pete said.

Despite concerns over the texture of their mousse, Annie and Lloyd plated up their best dish of the night.

Both judges complemented the couple on their tuiles and the balance of flavours in the rosewater mousse.

 "I actually enjoyed the flavour very much… compared to main course it's a winner to me," Manu said.

But it wasn't enough to beat Kat and Andre's score and Annie and Lloyd now sit on the bottom of the leaderboard.

Canberra's confident mother and daughter Gina and Anna are the last team in Group 1 to cook tomorrow night.



Annie and Lloyd's menu

Entrée: Beef Madras coconut buns with yoghurt dipping sauce

Main: Sea Bream baked in parchment with saffron rice

Dessert: Rosewater mousse with almond tuile and crystallised petals

Score: 45

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