Nicky Agahari.
Nicky Agahari. Channel 10

Another bloke buckles under the pressure on MasterChef

MEN are in danger of becoming an endangered species on MasterChef.

Nicky Agahari was the fifth male contestant eliminated from the reality cooking show, compared to just one woman sent home so far.

"It looks like he boys are being picked off one by one," Agahari said.

"I have to say the boys are better cooks than the girls, but it just seems like the boys can't rise to the occasion. We keep kicking ourselves in the shins."

Agahari found himself in the bottom two alongside his best mate Vern Fitzgerald in tonight's elimination pressure test after their team lost Sunday's Lygon Street Italian Fiesta challenge.

Agahari, Fitzgerald, Totem Dougangmala, Daniel Kelty and Jules Allen, who went straight into the pressure test after sitting out Sunday's challenge due to injury, were all tasked with recreating Stefano de Pieri's homemade quail ravioli without a pasta recipe.

"It wasn't the dough that got me unstuck, it was the filling," he said.

"I left it in the mixer a bit too long and it became a paste more than a chunky filling."

As sad as he was to leave the show, he was glad Fitzgerald survived the elimination.

"I'm he gets to stay and keep cooking," he said.

"I'm glad he'll get to put up some dishes I won't."

Agahari, 28, is now doing work experience in Sydney's China Town.

He also has plans for a joint venture called Project Umami with some of his fellow MasterChef contestants.

"We want to explore new flavours," he said.

"We want to work with other amateur chefs because there are a lot of great cooks out there that haven't been noticed.

"We want to do it in an atmosphere where it's going to sort of be like a pop-up restaurant utilising restaurants that want to be involved with us. A lot of cafes are not open for dinner and that space is really sitting idle."

He said they also plan to use Project Umami, which will launch in October, to raise money for charity.

"We really want to raise some money for Lynton's (Tapp) little sister who's had a back injury," he said.

"Lynton worked so hard cooking for her last year and we want to support him."

MasterChef continues tomorrow through Thursday at 7.30pm on Ten.

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