100-year window into a bygone era

ONE hundred years ago today, women in South Grafton could buy all the latest in fashionable summer wear from 10 shillings and sixpence.

Or, for the health conscious, there was the 'health restoring blood, liver and kidney pills', which came with free gentlemen's watches, solid gold rings, brooches or pendants for those prepared to sell 'Gordon's Manufacturing' health products.

These were two of the items listed in the classifieds section of a rare edition of The Clarion, a weekly newspaper published briefly in South Grafton.

A section of The Clarion, dated June 7, 1905, was found by Dorothy Turner while looking through a suitcase owned by her husband's family.

It contains names still prominent in the Clarence, like AJ Pollack, who was the Commissioner for Affidavits, Skinner Street, South Grafton 'next door to CT Schwinghammer's saddler's shop'.

Mrs Turner liked a story under the heading 'Grafton Police Court' where Elizabeth Elder opposed G Gallagher for the support of an illegitimate child.

"After hearing the evidence, defendant was ordered to pay 5s per week."

Under public notices was one you would be unlikely to see today: "One pound reward. ? Lost, about 20th May, between 15 and 16 mile pegs, Coramba Road, 15 PIGS. Above reward will be paid for information as to whereabouts to A McPherson, Central Glenreagh."

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