19yo South Grafton man jailed over assault

A MAN who attacked three juvenile justice workers while an inmate at Frank Baxter Juvenile Detention Centre will serve at least six months in prison after he was sentenced in Grafton Local Court yesterday.

South Grafton man Saul Haynes, 19, appeared in court to answer the three assault charges relating to an incident at Kariong's notorious juvenile detention centre last September.

According to documents lodged with the court, Haynes had verbally threatened a juvenile justice officer before throwing a lounge chair at him, striking the man in the head.

A short time later, Haynes was involved in a scuffle with two more officers in his cell as they tried to handcuff him, punching one in the chest and kicking the other in the groin.

Haynes was also in court to answer unrelated drug possession and larceny charges stemming from incidents in South Grafton earlier this year.

Magistrate Schnelle cited Haynes' amphetamine use and lengthy criminal history as a concern and believed he would be more likely to reoffend if allowed to attempt rehabilitation outside of prison.

Today Haynes will see the inside of an adult prison for the first time after being sentenced to a minimum six months jail without parole for the assault and larceny charges. He was also fined $450 for cannabis possession.

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