$30,000 boost for Little Broadwater



THE Little Broadwater wetland at Sportmans Creek is set to undergo further rehabilitation after a $30,000 grant was given to Wetland Care Australia to continue work already underway.

The project was among 22 freshwater and saltwater fish rehabilitation projects throughout the state granted around $360,000 in funding from the NSW Department of Primary industries.

Wetland Care Australia CEO Alan Cibilic said the money would be spent on re-establishing natural wa- ter flows in the area.

"The whole project is to help support property owners to rehabilitate the area and bring back the natural tidal flows," he said.

"The Broadwater used to be saltwater so through these studies we are trying to learn more about bringing back saltwater flows without damaging the area."

Mr Cibilic said the study would help bring balance to the area.

"The whole situation has been changing and we are trying to reintroduce estuarine influences as much as possible but at the same time protect agricultural areas for production," he said.

"It's about striking the right balance between saltwater, freshwater, agriculture and fish."

Mr Cibilic said the studies were undertaken in partnership with many people.

"It's very much a partnership between groups such as Department of Primary Industries, the Clarence Valley Council and property owners," he said.

Micalo Island resident Fred Welsh was another funding recipient. He received a little over $7300 to fence Oyster Creek bank to prevent cattle access and to remove weed species to allow natural regeneration.

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