A dancing queen

TOP OF THE TREE: Kristina Sanne with the haul of trophies she won at the 101st Maclean Highland Gathering
TOP OF THE TREE: Kristina Sanne with the haul of trophies she won at the 101st Maclean Highland Gathering


DECKED out in red Lennox dress tartan and leaping over swords for seven long minutes, Kristina Sanne created history during the Highland Gathering during Easter in Maclean.

The 24-year-old became the first person to take out the Jessie Massie Memorial Sword Dance Shield for Highland Dancing four times.

Miss Sanne, who is taught by Janet North in Maclean, also scored the highest points in the 16 years and over competition, giving her the over 16 Aggregate Dancer title.

The Grafton resident, who teaches highland dancing to students in Grafton, Coffs Harbour and Orara, took up dancing 19 years ago to try to help treat her asthma.

"When I lived in Maclean my nextdoor neighbour was going to dancing and just asked if I wanted to come along," she said.

"I'd never done it before but I went along and that was it," she said.

Miss Sanne will head to Scotland in July for the fourth time to compete in the World Championships.

There she will take on dancers from countries including Scotland, South Africa and Canada.

"The standard over there is heaps better than us. The Canadians are really good ? even better than the Scots.

"Last time I was there in 2003 I won about $1000 so ... I hope I will do well."

Miss Sanne said although most people tend to stop highland dancing when they hit their teenage years, she had stuck with it and was not looking at giving it up anytime soon.

"I'm not putting a time limit on it. I'll do it for as long as my body lets me."

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