An art exhibition for every man and his dog

CLARENCE Valley artist Robert Moore has let the dogs out at Lismore Regional Gallery.

His exhibition, Dog paintings, features recent paintings and drawings of the Valley and celebrates a sense of 'Australianess', with titles like 'Three dogs at the Ampol'.

Mr Moore is known for his gestural and energetic compositions and paints on just about anything that can support a coat of paint; canvas, board, fabric, glass, fibreglass, car panels ? even low-rider bikes.

Aside from being a painter, Robert Moore is a documentary filmmaker, musician, songwriter and producer.

He joined the Mambo team in 1989 creating many of their iconic images over the years and has achieved national success with his works found in many major Australian collections, including the Queensland Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Australia.

He has utilised diverse media, from paintings to t-shirts and music, to construct his images and his crossing over of creative outlets has afforded Mr Moore room to define and contribute to an Australian cultural identity.

Dog paintings is being shown along with Northern Rivers artist Cal MacKinnon's exhibition, Beyond the Pink Poodle.

Ms MacKinnon's latest exhibition of photographs documents the demise of a Gold Coast icon, the seedy motel.

Over a period of three years the artist spent the night in motels, many of which have now been demolished or are pending demolition and Beyond the Pink Poodle is the result.

The Pink Poodle Motel has since been replaced by a high rise apartment ? although the heritage-listed poodle sign remains ?, The Mayfair motel demolished, The Red Lion Motel is for sale, and The Silver Sands Motel has been sold and is due for demolition in April 2006 for a 21-story apartment block.

"There's a sense of mystery still in these old motels," she said.

"I love kitsch, and when I lived there as a kid the highest building was the Golden Gate ? now it's one of the smallest."

Dog paintings and Beyond the Pink Poodle are running concurrently with an exhibition by one of Australia's most influential artists, Ian Fairweather, and will be on show until January 21.

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