Back to school time


WHEN Ashby mother of three Jan Cruwys dropped her son Tyler at kindergarten for the first time yesterday, she was the one putting on the waterworks.

After having Tyler at home with her for the past five years, Mrs Cruwys said her youngest's departure to a full-time school environment was 'horrible'.

"It was very teary for me ... he was fine, he couldn't wait to get to school," Mrs Cruwys said after she had dropped Tyler off at Chatsworth Island Public School.

"IT'S the next stage of his life. I loved having him around and I love babies and now it's like my baby is growing up."

It is not the first time young Tyler has been out of the Cruwys' family nest for schooling purposes.

At age three, Tyler was sent off to Cubby House Pre-school for one day a week. Last year, at age four, he spent three days a week at pre-school.

Mrs Cruwys believes the transitionary years have well-prepared Tyler for the big school.

"It definitely helps them in terms of listening to teachers, sharing and lining up for school assembly," she said.

Yesterday, marked the first day of term one for all North Coast kinders.

Chatsworth Island Public School kindergarten teacher Nancye Green also was having a day of firsts, with yesterday her first day teaching the school's entry grade.

Mrs Green said 12 students, made up of eight boys and four girls, had enrolled at Chatsworth for kinder.

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