Beach bomb scare


A SUNDAY afternoon walk along the beach turned out to hold a potentially explosive find for one man at Iluka on the weekend.

According to the Iluka Yamba coastguard, the man was walking along the Iluka main beach at around 3:30pm when he came across a mystery object marked 'danger'.

The grey, cylindrical container was around 45cm long and 75mm in diameter and was covered in barnacles as well as writing in English and a foreign language.

The coastguard said the find 'could be anything' from a flare to a bomb, but definitely looked to be explosive.

Maclean police were called to the beach to investigate the find and decide what action to take.

Police said a specialist bomb disposal unit was organised by police radio to come to Iluka last night and identify the object.

A similar find in the Clarence in the past turned out to be an explosive device from a ship, but police said they would not like to speculate as to what the Iluka object could be.

nALSO in the valley during the weekend, a large number of cars in a remote area of Nymboida on Saturday night resulted in police being called to investigate.

When officers arrived, they discovered a large rave party underway in bush.

Police estimated around a crowd of around 500 people at the event but there were no charges laid.

Also at the weekend, Grafton Highway Patrol chased a car in Yamba early on Saturday morning.

A police spokesman said officers observed the vehicle and requested it to stop but it 'took off'.

"It resulted in a short pursuit ... at excessive speeds ... but the vehicle was eventually stopped at Hickey Island," the spokesman said.

He said enquiries into the driver were still continuing last night.

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