Beware thieves with a taste for luxury


THE theft of a $54,000 caravan has South Grafton businessman Paul Winmill urging proprietors to be extra mindful of protecting their property.

Mr Winmill's warning comes two-and-a-half weeks after his caravan sales and repair business was robbed in a brazen night-time robbery.

Mr Winmill said his business was broken into on the night of Sunday, April 2 by thieves who knew what they were after.

"They stole a brand new 20foot Millard Endeavour caravan with shower, toilet, air-conditioning, flat-screen television and DVD player ? as well as a second-hand Chevy motorhome," he said.

"They came through the front gate by cutting the padlock with bolt cutters ? they would have needed pretty big bolt cutters ? (then) they've turned off the lighting that we've got through the whole place, hooked up the caravan and drove it out."

Mr Winmill said he had previously installed anti-theft devices to prevent this type of robbery and was surprised it was able to be bypassed.

"We've put a fence right around the place, pretty decent padlocks and high-tensile steel chains, so they can't cut the chains with bolt cutters," he said.

"I thought we were putting padlocks on that they wouldn't be able to cut with bolt cutters either, but obviously they weren't."

Mr Winmill said he hoped his loss would be a warning.

"The more people who know about this sort of thing the better so the town can be pre- pared."

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