Bringing people to their senses


THE Clarence Valley Council has been recommended to approve a sensory garden for Grafton at its upcoming meeting.

The council's engineering committee recommended this week to approve the garden and to consider funding to a maximum of $60,000 for its development.

The sensory garden is proposed at the existing site of Pioneer Park, on the corner of Fry and Turf streets, Grafton. According to council papers, the site is under-utilised.

"The site is located in close proximity to a number of child minding and aged care facilities, is strongly supported by these agencies and would no doubt be patronised by these groups," the papers read.

"The health and psychological benefits of sensory gardens to the disabled and sensory-impaired is well documented and only one such facility exists in the Clarence Valley Council area."

Proposed by the Grafton Garden Club, the garden would consist of a circular structure about 32 metres in diameter, eight raised garden beds dissected by concrete paths, a water feature, grassed areas and information about the Valley's early history.

Grafton Garden Club president Hedney Gillett said club member Patricia Jones was the driving force behind the garden, and they hoped to have it completed in time for Grafton's 150th anniversary in 2009.

Mrs Gillett said many organisations supported the garden which they hoped would become a focal point for the town.

"The garden would be a focus point for the young, elderly, the disabled and all who appreciate having a place of beauty and relaxation," she said.

"We see this project as a cultural, social, educational and economic asset to the Valley because this is an important historical site."

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