Brooms Head makes a sweep of cane toads

A SHOCK discovery of a new population of cane toads has led the National Parks and Wildlife Service to organise the inaugural cane toad round-up for Brooms Head tonight.

Before the recent discovery, cane toads were thought not to occur south of Angourie, with the exception of a small isolated population near Port Macquarie.

NPWS Ranger for northern Yuraygir National Park Matt Clarke said that cane toads were pests and had proven to be devastating on native wildlife in areas where they are established.

"Cane toads, at all stages of their life cycle, are toxic to any animal that attempts to eat them," he said.

"It is also a predator with a voracious appetite, so it is vital we do all we can to prevent it from establishing a population here and spreading further south.

"The idea of the cane toad round-up is to reduce the numbers of cane toads locally and prevent them from becoming established."

Mr Clarke said the NPWS had conducted weekly surveys in the area and collected more than 440 toads in the past six weeks.

"It's a bit of a mystery as to where these cane toads came from and how they arrived," he said.

Volunteer collectors are to meet at the Brooms Head Store between 5.30-6pm. Collectors should wear covered footwear, gloves and bring along a torch. All toads collected will be humanely dis- posed of by the NPWS.

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