Brothers get their four points

Brothers Grafton Services have been reallocated the four points they were docked late last year for failing to cover the pitch at Ellem Oval.

At a meeting last week, the Clarence River Cricket Association (CRCA) committee resolved to reinstate the points based on a technicality.

CRCA president Bruce Baxter said there had been an occasion earlier in the season where a wicket was not covered and the side in question did not lose points.

He said on that occasion it had been raining all day Thursday and most of Friday and it was deemed the club in question should not lose points because the wicket would still have been unfit for play even if it had been covered on the Friday night, as per the law regarding covering pitches.

"But it's in black and white that the pitch still should have been covered on that occasion," Baxter said.

"They (Brothers) get their points back on a technicality."

East Royal Tavern, the other club to lose four points for failing to cover the wicket at McKittrick Park, are yet to ap- peal the penalty.