Cat mystery rocks street

 Sharleen Blackwell, back left, Michelle Hollingworth and Dolores Dickson, front, are concerned for their missing cats.
Sharleen Blackwell, back left, Michelle Hollingworth and Dolores Dickson, front, are concerned for their missing cats.


FOR wheelchair-bound Dolores Dickson, the loss of one of her closest friends has left her devastated.

Two weeks ago her pet cat disappeared, and has not been seen since.

A big, black and white cat named 'Wuss', Mrs Dickson said he was known by everyone in her street.

While the loss of her pet is terrible enough, the fact three other pet cats from the same street in South Grafton have gone missing in the past month has disturbed the residents of Melaleuca Way.

"I've asked everyone around the neighbourhood, checked the drains, he's just gone," Mrs Dickson said.

"I feel very lost. He wasn't just a cat, he was my mate."

'Marshall' is Michelle Hollingworth's cat.

He had endeared himself to Ms Hollingworth after she found him alone and abandoned under a house in Yamba a few years ago.

She said he had been missing since Thursday last week, and described his disappearance as 'very strange'.

"He never left the yard, or the verandah, so they've nabbed him off the verandah while he was lying in the sun," she said.

Sharleen Blackwell noticed her cat, 'Chloe', was missing when she couldn't find her on Monday night.

"(Normally) she'd see my car and she'd wander from home (and) she'd sit out front (of Dolores' house) until I went home and then she'd follow me," she said.

As worried as the ladies are about heir missing cats, they said they were most disheartened about the disappearance of a cat called 'Tigger'.

Tigger is the cat of fouryear-old Crystal Ryan, who is distraught over the disappearance.

"She was two-years-old when she got that cat and she'd carry him around and if you saw her walking around outside the cat would be following. They were like a pair of shadows," Mrs Dickson said.

The ladies said they believed they knew who had taken their cats, but knew they would not be able to find them.

"You either love cats or you hate them, and we all loved our cats," Ms Hollingworth said.

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