Checking on the health of the Valley

THE Carr Government last week trumpeted its 'record' spending commitment to public health and hospitals in NSW, but the new chair of the North Coast Area Health Service's (NCAHS) advisory council believes more is needed.

Yesterday Doctor Sue Page made her first visit to the Clarence Valley to 'meet and greet' health care providers and employees since being appointed to the position by Health Minister Morris Iemma last month.

Dr Page will chair the council which will provide advice to NCAHS chief executive Chris Crawford on issues such as health service planning, workforce development and health service budgets.

She said one of the first points the council hoped to address was a $3 million funding shortfall for the NCAHS.

"There's what's called a Resource Distribution Formula for how funding resources should be shared (around NSW's eight area health services) according to the population that lives in your area and their health care needs," she said.

"What we find in this area is that we're considerably behind on our RDF formula and certainly that's one of the things that our health care advisory council would be lobbying for very strongly."

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