Clarence caring for Cambodia

A GROUP of intrepid Clarence Valley Christians is planning a mercy mission to Cambodia early next year to help a village establish better medical facilities and water supplies.

Called 'Team Cambodia', the group will be led by Grafton resident Carol Ordish, as part of an aid program program through Global Care.

Mrs Ordish said she was aiming to get about 12 Clarence Valley residents involved, and already had about half that number lined up.

They will be heading to a small village outside Kampongchan, a rural area along the Mekong River.

"We are going to look at sinking some wells," she said.

"A community centre is being built by another team over the next month and others will be setting up a medical clinic.

"What we do will depend a bit on what they get done."

Mrs Ordish said the adult population of Cambodia had been decimated through years of rule under the murderous Pol Pot.

"There are not many adults," she said.

"Pol Pot killed virtually anyone with any standing in the community. There is not much in the way of an older generation.

"So what we are doing will be very much a children-oriented thing. We will be finding the needs of that village and doing what we can. The Cambodians have been trying to set up a tourist market ? the poverty is pretty bad.

"It's a matter of trying to get them some of their own income because handouts only go so far.

"We need to give them the know-how."

Mrs Ordish said the group would hold a fundraiser at the Grafton Community and Function Centre on Friday from 6-9pm.

Anyone interested in joining the group or in assisting in other ways should contact Mrs Ordish at the Christian Outreach Centre or phone 66434371.

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