Council delays decision on Maclean?s Butterworth Plan


CLARENCE Valley Council will delay making a decision on a proposal to swap the Maclean Library site with the Spar Supermarket at Maclean until further information can be gained, council's director of corporate services Ross Bryant said.

Mr Bryant said council wanted more time to look into the proposal to ensure fairness and transparency in the final decision.

He said correspondence from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) suggested council should call for expressions of interest to ensure council is transparent in its dealings over the proposed swap.

Mr Bryant said the plan, known as the Butterworth Plan and first suggested more than a decade ago, would allow access to the riverbank and open it up for pedestrian and business use.

"It's (the Butterworth Plan) a plan to open up the riverbank and to have access along the riverbank with the back of those shops, with commercial development along the back of the existing shops," he said.

"It's beautification and (building) cafes along there which we feel would become a very attractive area for visitors and locals alike."

Mr Bryant said obtaining the site where the Spar Supermarket currently sits was vital in order to implement the Butterworth Plan.

"Access to this property gives us one of the critical access points where we can build the walkway," he said.

"At the moment the walkway is not physically possible."

Mr Bryant said the extra time taken to make a decision would allow council to ensure it has gone about the process correctly.

"We just want to make sure we are covering ourselves for any potential claims," he said.

"We want to address ICAC concerns which are in relation to transparence and governance issues."

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